Learning to feel at home

In my own experience it is challenging to feel at home in our bodies especially when being witnessed by others

Photos have been a healing tool for me to learn to love and accept my body in all its ways. Seeing myself reflected back to me and learning to express myself in front of the lens has been profoundly healing in my own self-love journey.

This is what I bring to my clients during our sessions, a safe space to be fully yourself, to express your sensuality, emotions, and full expression of self without barriers or limitations

My wish is for everyone to feel safe in their bodies, free to be themselves, free to express all sides of their being without fear.

How my journey began

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact starting point of my journey, but I often look back to a pivotal moment when I was 16, attending a boarding school in Canada. I’ve always been inclined to rebel against convention, seeking something different from the typical trajectory of school, work, and retirement in the Western world. Although at that time, I wasn’t entirely sure what I was searching for.

During my time in boarding school, I was surrounded by classmates from various corners of the globe. This exposure ignited a deep desire within me to explore the world, to uncover what life had to offer beyond the borders of Canada. It was also during this period that I harbored a dream of working with National Geographic.

Fast forward a few years, I found myself on the verge of completing my Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology. It was then that I decided the time had come to turn my long-standing dream of a one-way ticket to Mexico into a reality. I left behind technology – laptop and camera included – embarking on a journey of self-discovery through exploration. For three years, I lived as a nomad. During this time, I stumbled upon a place that would eventually become my cherished sanctuary: Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

After many years of travel, I was brimming with life, yet struggling to unearth my true calling. Immersed in deep introspection and self-work, I yearned to discover my purpose, to identify what I could contribute to the world. Concurrently, my passion for photography, rekindled after the loss of a dear friend (when I realized I had few photos of my life and my friends due to the loss of many phones), began to take root once more.

In a conversation with a friend, they posed a poignant question: “What did you want to be when you grew up? Often, our childhood aspirations align with our present calling, we’ve simply forgotten.” At that moment, photography hadn’t crossed my mind. However, as I continued to document my life, my community, and the incredible individuals around me, I began receiving requests from strangers for photo sessions. With each new client, my skills and adoration for this craft blossomed. I also took on the role of a videographer at Fungi Academy.

Today, I find myself in Guatemala, blessed with an extraordinary community and a life that brings immeasurable joy. I’m profoundly grateful to be able to share my passion with the world and to encounter countless inspiring souls through my work. I hope that my photography encourages others to pursue their most audacious dreams, and to express themselves without reservation.

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My mission

I believe that one of the most profound gifts we can give ourselves and others is the freedom to inhabit our bodies with a profound sense of safety and acceptance. This means cultivating a space where every curve, every line, and every facet of our physical being is embraced without reservation or judgment.

To be truly liberated is to exist without constraint, to revel in the authenticity of our essence without fear of criticism or rejection. It is about creating an environment where individuals can unfurl the multifaceted layers of their being, allowing each facet to dance in the light of recognition..

To me, this aspiration goes beyond mere physicality; it encompasses the entire spectrum of our existence. It is about granting ourselves the permission to speak our truths, to follow our passions, and to pursue our dreams without inhibition. It is an invitation to embrace our quirks, our idiosyncrasies, and our unique perspectives as valuable and worthy.

Ultimately, my hope is to foster a community where everyone feels liberated to be their most authentic selves, to radiate the brilliance of their individuality without the weight of judgment or prejudice. It is in this space of acceptance and celebration that we can truly flourish, finding the strength to navigate the complexities of life with grace and unwavering self-assurance.