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Capturing authentic moments

A space where moments are cherished, not manufactured. In my work photographing retreats and events, I focus on capturing the genuine essence of each occasion. With an unobtrusive approach, I let the magic unfold naturally, ensuring that every image encapsulates the true spirit and energy of the experience.

Let’s work together to create a visual narrative that not only captures the essence of your experience but also propels your brand forward, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.



I strive to document the heart of your retreat. With an unobtrusive approach, I aim to let the moments unfold naturally, ensuring that each image encapsulates the authenticity and spirit of the experience. Each retreat is a unique experience and I offer a variety of packages to suit your needs. You will receive high-res images that will showcase the essence of your brand and the experience you provide. 

Festivals & Evemts

Specializing in festival and event photography, I excel at seizing genuine, candid moments that define each unique occasion. My focus lies in capturing the heart and vitality of your event, allowing for a seamless and unobtrusive documentation of the proceedings. Every image is carefully composed to encapsulate the authentic essence and dynamic atmosphere of the gathering. Let’s collaborate to create a visual narrative that immortalizes the distinctiveness of your festival or event.


Our business is so lucky to have the incredible photography skills that Corie brings to our media. Most of the media we use is from Corie because, simply put, she is the best at capturing the magic of the moment.

She has an artist’s eye for detail that adjusts the colors to exactly the energy and tone we would like to convey to our clients. Not only is the quality of her work amazing, she is also fun, bubby, and a delight to work with. I highly recommend working with her.


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Before your Retreat/Event: A discovery call for us to get to know each other and align ourselves on the vision and plan for capturing your experience. Packages will be curated to fit your needs.

During: I have an unobtrusive approach, with a warm energy that allows people the space to feel comfortable to express themselves. During the retreat we will work together to capture authentic moments.

After: You will receive a personalized online gallery of high-res images for you and to share with attendees. These images will capture a wide variety of moments, expression and details.